AI Prompts is an art gallery of beautiful AI creations and how to create them yourself.

an anthropomorphic robotic reading a magazine having a picknick on the moon [] trending Professional majestic oil painting of establishing shot by Ed Blinkey and Atey Ghailan and Studio Ghibli and Jeremy Mann and Greg Manchess and Antonio Moro volumetric lighting, dramatic lighting by Stephan Martiniere mixed media

Transparency in process

Art on this site is shared in a way that allows anyone to recreate, remix and inspire new and beautiful creations.

The right tools

We provide tools and guidance on how to create AI generated images and on how to extract metadata from previously generated images.

Compute hours

Need 100 images of a prompt you have been working on, but don’t have the time to generate them? Let us know your prompt and we’ll send over your stack of art.

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