Wonderful Fantasy Landscapes

What’s the prompt?

Trending splash art highly detailed bright mood mixed media concept art:0.5 intricate detailed wonderous landscape 4k volumetric lighting dramatic lighting award-winning:0.5 [text logo]

Prompt Explanation:

This is a blended prompt; it tries to create two separate prompts and blend them together. The two sections of the prompt are delineated by the “:0.5”. the number describes how much weight each part gets in the final result, in this case 50% for each. The words within the square brackets at the end describe what should not be generated.

What about the settings?

Steps: 150

Size: 576×384

Prompt Strength: 6.5

Sampler: k_euler_a


The air was filled with a crisp, invigorating energy as the sun began to set across the horizon. Its light casted a halo of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds, illuminating the lush and wonderful landscape. In the distance, a majestic mountain range loomed, its peaks reaching high into the clouds, as though it were challenging the heavens. The scene was intricate and detailed, with a mix of media that included volumetric lighting, dramatic lighting, and award-winning text logo. Every aspect of the art was highly detailed, creating a splash of color and life that drew the eye in and gave an uplifting mood. As the day drew to a close, the landscape was filled with a sense of wonder, as though its beauty was only beginning to be revealed. This was no ordinary art; it was a concept, a vision, and a story that one could only truly experience in person.

The views and opinions expressed in the above paragraph are solely those of the AI and do not necessarily reflect the views of any human.

How could you create your own fantasy landscapes?

MitchJourn-E application with the following prompt entered:
(Trending splash art highly detailed bright mood mixed media concept art)1 (intricate detailed wonderous landscape 4k volumetric lighting dramatic lighting award-winning)1

AI Image generation programs are east to setup and get started creating beautiful art. This app provides an easy-to-use desktop interface for the popular Stable Diffusion fork called “InvokeAI“. MitchJourn-E is an open-source Windows desktop application that allows you to type in a description of an image and the app will create that image using the Stable Diffusion model.

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