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Phone backgrounds are a nice way to personalize your device and give it a fresh feel. When it comes to phone backgrounds, choosing one that is nice to see multiple times a day and acts as a backdrop to garish app icons is key to success. But what type of background is the best for you? It might be the first image that really catches your eye. Or maybe you’re looking for a specific composition or mood. Using Stable Diffusion can be a great way to get that perfect background.

With Stable Diffusion it’s so easy to write up a prompt about beautiful landscapes and get something amazing tailored just for your style and preferences. But often it’s nice to have a variety of backgrounds that capture a feeling and not necessarily a specific scene.

Using random words among a well crafted prompt can help bring a world of variety. All the backgrounds on this page were made with a lot of random words controlled by specific descriptors and adjectives to ensure a consistent mood.

Phone Backgrounds: Randomness Ensues

Using MitchJourn-E, it’s possible to add random words from the Prompt Helper menu. On each generation, the *random* text is replaced with a random word from the word bank of recognized Stable Diffusion tokens. This means, the word will have meaningful impact on the resulting image.

The Prompt

Prompt: (incredibly detailed high quality)0.5(hyperdetailed masterpiece art random) (random)1 (random)1 (random)1 (random)1 (light dust)1 (This photo captures a professional random scene)1 (The painting is a masterful depiction of a random scene, suggesting a random atmosphere with a random random)1 (The random presented is highly detailed and accurate, frequently evident in the sharp focus and vibrant colors)1 (The lighting is well balanced, allowing for a clear view of the random and its surroundings)1 (The composition is carefully crafted, with the random placed in the center)1 (Overall, this photo is a stunning example of random)1

Negative Prompt: [(framed ugly tiling poorly drawn out of frame disfigured deformed blurry blurred watermark grainy signature cut off draft compressed)0.5photo] [(hero portrait person people text signature watermark frame framed display portrait person people text signature watermark frame framed display):1]

Steps: 74

One of the seeds: 1565

Width: 704

Height: 1152

Prompt Weight: 7.0

Sampler: k_euler_a


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Learn how you can start generating your own incredible phone backgrounds with the free and open source application MitchJourn-E. MitchJourn-E is a powerful AI image generation app that uses Invoke-AI as it’s back-end to create beautiful images.

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