MitchJourn-E New Screenshot Inspiration Feature

The above example shows how you can take a screenshot (using Windows key + Shift + S) to inspire Stable Diffusion when generating images. The GIF playing above has been edited for speed, to show the feature more clearly.


Using image-to-image can often produce reliable results by using the image as a baseline for good composition and colour pallet. Often when generating with fewer words or unrelated concepts, composition can be jumbled up and produce unusable output. But if the baseline generated noise is mixed with a precomposed image there is a much lower chance it will produce something weird.

It’s difficult to control the mood of an output image without going into additional detail that may weaken the output. Using image-to-image can focus the colour pallet in a way where it’s no longer required to include extensive detail about the mood of the image.

New Screenshot Inspiration Feature

Since MitchJourn-E runs on Windows Desktop, it’s easy to grab screenshot data from the user and use it to help generate incredible images.

Start by opening the settings menu, and checking the box next to “Prompt from Clipboard”.

MitchJourn-E setting for Prompt from Clipboard
Prompt from clipboard checkbox

With that enabled, MitchJourn-E looks at the clipboard and if you’ve taken a screenshot (Windows key + Shift + S), it loads that into the Image Prompt field automatically. Now when you start generating images, it will use that screenshot to create the new image.

You can change how much the screenshot will affect the final image by using the Image Prompt Weight slider.

Image Prompt Weight slider set to 0.25

Screenshot Inspiration Examples

Using 0.3 image prompt weight. Prompt: (incredibly detailed high quality)0.5(masterpiece intricate amazing awesome splash-art award-winning hyperdetailed trending work-of-art incredible perfect creative random)++ (beautiful ancient city)1 (hyperdetailed hd 4k 8k sharp focus highly detailed uhd)1 (f/1.4 50mm 200iso 4k)1 (detailed particle, digital art)1 (sange)1 (micheal)1 (newe)1 (orders)1
Photo by Cajeo Zhang on Unsplash
Using 0.25 image prompt weight. Prompt: (incredibly detailed high quality)0.5 (a powerful warrior in battle)1 (Splash art, light dust, magnificent, details, sharp focus, intricate, beautiful, triadic contrast colors, trending artstation, pixiv, digital art)1

Start generating your own today

Learn how you can start generating your own incredible images using the Screenshot Inspiration feature with the free and open source application MitchJourn-E. MitchJourn-E is a powerful AI image generation app that uses Invoke-AI as it’s back-end to create beautiful images.

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