How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Great Resume

How can you harness the power of OpenAI’s language models like Chat GPT and GPT4 to craft an impressive resume? This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use these AI tools for resume creation.

How to write a resume with ChatGPT

The Current Resume Writing Scene

In today’s competitive job market, having a resume that stands out is more crucial than ever. OpenAI’s language models, such as ChatGPT and GPT4, can significantly simplify this task. These AI models generate text based on the prompts given to them, helping you create a tailored and impactful resume. It’s interesting to note that there are services like AI Detector Pro out there, which can identify if a piece of text has been AI-generated. But for now, let’s focus on how you can use these AI tools to craft a persuasive resume.

Step 1: Set Up an OpenAI Account

Begin by setting up an account on the OpenAI website. This gives you access to the powerful language models like ChatGPT and GPT4. If you want more functionalities, consider subscribing to their premium services. Get started here:

Step 2: Set the AI Context – System Message

To get the AI system to assist in resume creation, provide a system message to set the context. This can be something like:

System Message

You are a career advisor and resume writing expert. You create professional and tailored resumes for job applicants. Begin by asking questions to learn more about the user's skills, experiences, and career goals.

Step 3: Resume Creation Prompts

Next, provide a prompt to start the conversation with the AI. A simple prompt could be:


Help me create a resume for the following job: "Insert desired job title here"

The AI will then ask questions to gather information about your skills, experiences, and career objectives relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Writing a resume using ChatGPT

Example Resume Creation Prompt

For the job of an Audio Engineer at Hous3 Records, your initial prompt to the AI could be:

Help me create a resume for the following job: "Audio Engineer at Hous3 Records"

The AI might respond with questions like:

1. What is your educational background relevant to audio engineering?
2. Do you have previous work experience as an audio engineer? If yes, please provide details.
3. What audio engineering software are you proficient in?
4. Can you describe a project you've worked on that demonstrates your audio engineering skills?
5. What are your career objectives in the audio engineering field?

Resume Drafting

Based on your responses, the AI will generate a draft of your resume, highlighting your skills, experiences, and career objectives in a manner that’s relevant to the Audio Engineer position at Hous3 Records. It might look something like this:

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]
Objective: Creative and dedicated Audio Engineer looking for a challenging role at Hous3 Records. Proficient in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro, with 4 years of experience in the music industry.
- BSc in Sound Engineering, XYZ University
- Audio Engineer, ABC Studio
  Produced, mixed, and mastered tracks for various artists, contributing to several chart-topping albums.
- Proficient in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro
- Expert in audio mixing and mastering
- Strong knowledge of acoustics and sound design
- Worked on the production, mixing, and mastering of an album that topped local charts.
- Sound designed an independent short film that won awards at several film festivals.
Career Objectives:
- To utilize my audio engineering skills to create unique and high-quality sound.
- To contribute to the production of chart-topping music at Hous3 Records.
- To continuously learn and adapt to new trends and technologies in the audio engineering field.
A resume created by ChatGPT

Start Creating Your Resume Today!

Following this guide can help you get started on your job search journey with ease. By utilizing ChatGPT or GPT4, you can tap into the power of artificial intelligence to craft a compelling and professional resume that stands out from the competition. Large language models can help you generate ideas, provide suggestions, and even offer formatting tips to ensure that your resume is polished and tailored to your specific industry and job requirements.

I hope this article has helped encourage you to create something great! AI can be a valuable tool in your resume writing process, as well as in many other aspects of your professional life. Be sure to take advantage of the resources available to you on, such as How to Write a Cover Letter With Chat GPT and GPT4.

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